future witchcraft
mountain states (pause)
The Time it Takes to Melt (my heart)
BAND or Coast Companions
We see the tourist exposed to a picturesque lake at the bottom of an epic glacier: 
The salty water and the temperature decomposes the ice so pieces of different sizes and shapes drown, melt and break apart.
An audio/visceral research on potential and real impacts of global climate changes on our psychosomatic systems.

choreography, perfromance, costumes Judith Förster
performance: Kike Garcia, Olivia McGregor, (Simone Weber)
sound: Pedro Ferreira
outside eyes: Lee Meír, Isabel Gatzke, Litò Walkey

June 2018 @ ada Studio Berlin

The piece was furthermore developed in a durational setting during a residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin in 2019
photos © Philipp Weinrich
video © Roberto Duarte
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The Time it Takes to Melt (my heart)
constructive rest